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    Unable to register demo application by using the DJISDK

    Hi, I followed the AndroidStudio Tutorial mentioned in this link for activating teh DJI SDK on my Matrice 100. Integrate SDK into Application - DJI Mobile SDK Documentation However, I keep getting this error: register sdk failed, check if network is available Looking at the "adb logcat" gives...
  2. T

    Lightbridge 2 or Matrice 600 user in Florida

    Hello All Looking for someone with a Lightbridge 2 ground unit in Florida or southeast Georgia. We are a small drone software development company based in Jacksonville FL and need to activate the DJI onboard SDK for the A3 (which currently requires Lightbridge 2) but don't need LB2 for our...
  3. K

    DJI Matrice100 GuidanceSDK and OnboardSDK

    Hey guys! I just started working with the M100 and I have a project that I'm sure is pretty straight forward but I can't seem to find any good documentation or tutorials or anything. So: I want to code the M100 to fly 50m in a straight line (from current location), at a specified height...
  4. A

    PC Ground Station to be discontinued by Dec

    Since google will stop its Google Map service in december, the relevant PC ground station will also be discontinued. The products affected includes PC Ground Station, Ace One WP and 900M Datalink And there's a exchange plan for users PC Ground Station, Ace One WP and 900M Datalink to be...