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search and rescue

  1. P

    Missing student in Iowa

    I wonder if drones are being to search for the missing student, Mollie Tibbetts, in Iowa. These tools can be vitally important to search and rescue efforts.
  2. OmniDrone Aerial

    So I started a Drone Service: OmniDrone Aerial Video & Photography

    What's up guys! My name is Austin and I'm the owner of OmniDrone Aerial located in Wisconsin. My aim is to be the gold standard for aerial video and aerial photography in all of western Wisconsin and the greater Twin Cities area (Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN). I just wanted to drop in and say...
  3. William Gaddy

    USA Question about Search and Rescue volunteering

    Hypothetical question: As a 107 Pilot with an extensive fleet of quadrotor and fixed wing UASs, let's say I wanted to inform my local state police barracks and local FD/Rescue units that my company stands ready to assist with our equipment and personnel with emergency search and rescue...
  4. Phil Case

    EMS DRONE needs your help & Support!

    Hi to all As you probably have already seen I have been working with Disabled Individuals, Veterans, Injured Ex Services and Others with Debilitating Health. I have developed an ' EMS Drone ' that can be piloted by the individuals I mentioned above. The use case is enormous and will function...
  5. Phil Case

    The Control of DJI Inspire using SmartGlasses

    Hi to all As you may have read in my ' EMS Drone ' there is use of ' Mind, Voice, Gesture and SmartGlasses '! I have successfully connected DJI Drones with AR SmartGlasses that give both Augmented Reality and Control with the DJI Go App and other Non DJI Apps available for Android. Please don't...
  6. Vitals Monitoring

    Vitals Monitoring

    Here is the Vitals Monitoring system that will be on the ' EMS Drone ' . Already working and capable of transmitting in real time! Can be dropped with patient and monitored via Android SmartGlasses by operator