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  1. P

    Maintenance and Cleaning

    Would anyone be able to share their maintenance and cleaning tips for an Inspire 2? I've been flying some pretty dusty orchards and was wondering if it's possible to safely strip down any parts of the bird to clean and possibly re-grease moving parts. Also, does anyone know of the likelihood...
  2. AerialMediaPros

    Drone Retail/Technician Positions available in Orange County

    AerialMediaPros.com is searching for individuals who have real world experience with DJI products and a passion for the UAV industry. AerialMediaPros.com is one of the largest independent dealers in North America, and we are expanding our Southern California operations to provide a better in...
  3. L

    Life as a DJI Customer

    Based on a true story.
  4. U

    Your experience of DJI Support??

    Having recently had a big bill for a crash at low altitude and speed. After they had the Inspire 1 for several weeks I've seen conflicting information from across the world on which continent gets the best support. In Europe we seem to get royally SHAFTED by our Chinese friends. While in the US...