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  1. A

    New Showreel.

  2. ElectricLife

    Urbis - Aerial city - Milano by drone - Showreel 2017 - Milan's skyline

    Cinematic showreel 4k HD footage of the architectural panorama of the City of Milan (Milano), Italy, a metropolis in Italia northern Lombardy region. It is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the national stock exchange (Piazza affari), it’s a financial hub also known for its...
  3. EamonUrtone

    Elevate Films Showreel

    Hi, We are proud to officially launch Elevate Films today, check out our new aerial showreel. Elevate Films Aerial Showreel All comments are welcome, please let us know what you think? Thanks Eamon Urtone - Co Founder Elevate Films Elevate Films - A fresh perspective on video promotion
  4. Jacky Poon

    A big hello from China/UK

    Hi guys! Just thought I'll introduce myself after reading the forum for weeks... My name is Jacky Poon, I'm a wildlife cameraman/DP base in Beijing, China and the Nottingham, UK. Got myself a X5 and a P3P back in Sept due to high demand in the field... Almost every productions are interested...