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side by side

  1. C

    DJI Inspire 2 - X5s - 15mm f1.7 vs 45mm f1.8 - LENS COMPARISON

    Hi guys, Ive made the first (usefull) comparison video. In video is tested standard X5S lens DJI 15mm f1.7 vs Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f1.8 side by side. We didnt catch the good light in the shoting day, I know .. Please, this is my first technical test. I'll plan a test with my new lens LAOWA...
  2. AeroMirage

    GPC cases - What you should know

    I recently got a GPC landing mode case. WOW! Impeccable build and top grade materials. But what I failed to realize was the SIZE!! It's huge! I am returning it because it is too large for me to use. I read that their Landing mode case was only 6% bigger than the Travel mode model. I mistook that...
  3. Bill Houk

    Inspire 1 Transport Durability

    Hello everyone, Anyone know or have experience with transporting the IS1 (in it's case & tied down) over rough terrain? I'm wondering how it would hold up in a off road vehicle (Jeep, Sand Rail, Side by Side etc ) crossing rough terrain. Thanks for your time! Bill
  4. AerialMediaPros

    New Features & RAW X5, X3, GH4 Footage Side-by-Side - Inspire 1 Pro

    AerialMediaPros posted a new video with all the new info about the Inspire 1 Pro and Zenmuse X5, in including side by side comparisons of raw X5, X3, Pansonic GH4 footage. What do you think about the performance of the X5 after seeing footage side by side?