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single operator

  1. K


    Hi All, I'm not from the big end of town but I'm aspiring enthusiast and filmography buff, and I've been flying my Mavic Pro for around 6 months. I've come across to the Inspire Pilots forum upon recommendation from a few members of the Mavic Pilots forum to seek a bit of help with...
  2. F

    Inspire 1 dual oper and a single oper

    I am selling my Inspire 1 dual controller model. It has every thing It is 1 year old and has less than 5 hours on it. Got it when I crashed my first inspire and sent it to DJI who replaced it instead of fixing it. Repair cost was too high. Second is my single operator inspire one. It too has...
  3. rudolf samuel

    Bali Ocean Front Villas in 4K

    Check out my latest aerial shots, Bali Ocean Front Villas in 4K. Hope you all like it. Inputs and critics are welcome. Cheers!