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  1. We Talk UAV

    You Mean 3DR is Back with a Pro Drone?

    Just when you think 3DR is licking its wounds from a Solo disaster, the company bounces back with a Sony camera no less. Certain admirers of the Solo may be upset but it is a wise move for the company. With the drone industry charting into uncertain waters, Yuneec, 3DR and Go Pro have all had...
  2. D

    3DR re-Orients to the Corporate Market

    I thought this was very interesting news out of 3DR. Drone-maker 3D Robotics cuts jobs, refocuses on corporate market I know I considered the SOLO, over a P3 or used Inspire 1.... but the lack of an integrated camera was a deal killer for me. Still, it's a bummer to see this competitor...
  3. rudolf samuel

    Bali Ocean Front Villas in 4K

    Check out my latest aerial shots, Bali Ocean Front Villas in 4K. Hope you all like it. Inputs and critics are welcome. Cheers!