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  1. D

    M600 w/ Sony A7R

    Is anyone using the M600Pro with the Sony A7R? I'm interested to learn what gimbal people are using. I've heard the Ronin MX requires adding extra weight and can be tricky to balance properly in order to produce smooth video with the smaller cameras like the A7.
  2. SilkyMilky

    Sony A7R Image Geotags?

    Hello, We just purchased a Sony A7R with the intention of using it for mapping purposes on our M600. We plan on using Ground Station Pro, but we want ensure that we are going to be able to get geotags of images taken during the mission. I naievely figured that the geotagging would be done by...
  3. We Talk UAV

    You Mean 3DR is Back with a Pro Drone?

    Just when you think 3DR is licking its wounds from a Solo disaster, the company bounces back with a Sony camera no less. Certain admirers of the Solo may be upset but it is a wise move for the company. With the drone industry charting into uncertain waters, Yuneec, 3DR and Go Pro have all had...