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  1. R

    I2 noise (Issue identified)

    My two-week old I2 started making a high pitched pinging, beeping-like sound (it was not actually beeping) while hovering or making gentle maneuvers. Other than the noise, it has been stable and responsive and no issues at all (~3 hours and 10 flights). This noise started occurring on my 3rd...
  2. J

    "turn on" sound when Inspire is off ?

    Yesterday, I had a strange issue; After flying.. (with no issue's beside a short "gimbal overload" which was due to the sand from the beach we were flying..) ..we were walking back with the Inspire v1 in one hand.. box in the other one.. Suddenly while walking we heard the Inspire making the...
  3. RuneWold

    Inspire Pro x5r firmware problem

    Hi I was to update my Inspire Raw tonight and did all as before and was to update the Inspire first. After some time it terminated. I downloaded again but it want update it seems like... Just before I gave up I checked the .txt file and it said "installing" but there was no sound as it...