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  1. Presman


    Looking for a spark remote, batteries, case, ect... Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  2. root

    Like New DJI Goggles - Only Used Twice

    Own a DJI drone? Don't miss the fun to look at the world from the surreal first person perspective. I bought the goggles in late September from Amazon for $449. I have since only used them twice with about 8 cumulative hours. As you can see, I barely use these awesome goggles. Therefore, I have...
  3. Djalma Ribeiro

    Super comparative DJI drones 2017

    I made a super comparative of the quality of images of the 4 main DJI drones today. Think of being in Portuguese everyone can watch and download the original files. Description link (Comparativo Drones DJI 2017 - Drone Cuiabá - Google Drive). Scenes for all languages: Introducing the drones...
  4. We Talk UAV

    Spark Thoughts and the Latest Discovery.

    Spark is certainly on alot of people's minds these days. The smaller brother of the Mavic, there certainly no shortage of new information to be found. Thankfully, it validated one area I was looking for which is whether there is a remote or not. Perhaps the abundance of color will show...