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  1. OmniDrone Aerial

    Friday Night Lights - High School Football in Wisconsin

    Filming this gave me chills seeing as I played on this very field a decade ago. My father was/is a coach and the field is named after his father. I hope you enjoy!
  2. We Talk UAV

    New Hovercraft Drone Previewed at Soccer Championship

    Consider the Hoverboard/Drone Hybrid. For now guaranteed to make a spectacular entrance into any sporting events. Such was the case at the Portugese Cup Final. Drones have been making inroads at sporting events due to the visual impact that they have. This hovercraft/drone was something else...
  3. We Talk UAV

    Inspire and the Pro Bowl?

    With the Pro Bowl set to this Sunday January 29, one aspect of the Pro Bowl is the Pro Bowl Skills showdown on this Thursday 01/26 at 7 P.M. EST on ESPN. Many different aspects of the Pro Bowl is on display on this event. In fact, some have suggested that the Pro Bowl Showdown is more exciting...
  4. Ascender

    100' Driving Range Netting Build

    Marketing video we produced for Golf Range Netting. They build high quality sports netting and lighting, and UAV enclosures all across the United States. www.golfrangenetting.com
  5. We Talk UAV

    Drone Hunting Battle By Dude Perfect.

    Dude Perfect, is slang in California for approval on an action. It is also a growing internet sensation that involves blasters and sports products through a series of online videos and online social media presence. At this counting, it has 3 years of Nerf Perfect television commercials which can...
  6. W

    Short clip, lacrosse shots and dodges

    Short clip of lacrosse shots and dodges, followed by short clip of fpv flying (unrelated). First sequence of the player running was recorded at 4k, the rest at 1080/60. Rencedered at 1080p.