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ssd files

  1. Z

    Editors Having Trouble Cropping and Keeping Quality

    Hey everyone so we filmed a job with our inspire 2 using the X5S with 45mm Olympus lens. Filmed in 4K 23.98fps and raw. The editors sent me this: anyone have a fix for this?
  2. B

    ran out of media while recording and SSD did not save last take...

    Has anyone experienced this before? I ran out of media storage on my 500gb SSD while filming and when I got home to check the footage, that entire last 10 minute take was missing. I wonder if there's anyway to recover it? It was some pretty critical footage - best take of the morning.
  3. S

    DJI SSD and CineLight

    Hi, I have a number of clips on the 512GB SSD that came with the Inspire 1a and X5R camera. The CineLight User Manual describes the process to delete a clip as right click on the clip which will reveal 2 options: Export and Delete. I don't see the Delete option only Export. It appears the...
  4. J

    Need "Computer Whiz" to find hidden X5R files

    We really NEED to have someone find the hidden SSD file folder of DNG files so we can do a quick transfer in the field of our raw files so we can continue flying and filming. Once we get the files then later in the edit room we can use the painfully slow DJI Cinelight app to extract them...