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  1. A

    Let's program the microprocessor to detect obstacles by use of computer algorithms to process the back-EMF from each motor separately, for safe flight

    I have years of work with x86-64 assembly, ARM assembly, C, C++, as well as Java, MySQL, PHP, XHTML, Javascript, LUA, PERL, BASH, Git, FreeBSD, Fedora, Vista, plus I study quickly. Therefor I pray that some group who has already started to solve this problem will talk to me about what it would...
  2. dronie

    Flameshow w. music & Fireworks. Amazingly stabil and impressive.

    Shot a Flameshow (flames synced with music) and a Firework show this wkd. The fireworks company wanted the full Flameshow from a fixed position - and the Inspire was rock steady throughout the whole show. Had to land and change batt's after the Flameshow, so I didn't get the first part of the...