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  1. K

    TB50 Stock - Australia

    Does anyone have any suggested suppliers for stock currently? I am literally struggling to find a single retailer in Australia who has TB50's in stock. I'm considering purchasing from somewhere like Advexure.com (US based) - they have openly advertised their stock here on IP and with...
  2. T

    anyone interested in a inspire 1 suitcase f/s?

    $50 Shipped. If it costs more to ship, then I will have to mark it up a bit. PM/leave me a message if anyone is interested. I don't have an inspire, but I'm an active member on phantompilots Here is my Profile Large Stock, so buy them at my low price. Due to the high cost of shipping...
  3. J

    Short Aerial Reel: X5R

    Here is some of our stock production work from this summer. Thanks for taking a look, oh it sounds a lot better if you use headphones or speakers. Cheers, J
  4. G

    What Companies Manufacture Components For DJI? - Stock Question

    Right now I am a full believer in the drone market exploding and sustaining it's growth after GoPro releases their drone (Karma) in a few days. This will create huge competition with DJI. That combined with the thousands of people studying for the 107 (only $150! ... I am finishing up getting my...