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  1. pdaiproductions

    Promise Pegasus 2 R6 12TB

    Lightly used condition. Never had one hiccup with the drives. Just purchased in July 2017. Already configured in RAID 5. Asking for $1500. Open to offers.
  2. AerialMediaPros

    Drone Retail/Technician Positions available in Orange County

    AerialMediaPros.com is searching for individuals who have real world experience with DJI products and a passion for the UAV industry. AerialMediaPros.com is one of the largest independent dealers in North America, and we are expanding our Southern California operations to provide a better in...
  3. David@Optelos

    Drone data mangement platform

    Hi InspirePilots Members, I’m the CEO and co-founder of Optelos, a drone data management software as a service company. In a nutshell our Drone Work Advisor software lets you manage drone job activities, upload results, annotate, tag, and deliver your project to clients and stakeholders. We...
  4. We Talk UAV

    The DJI Fly Drive has Arrived!

    Seagate has teamed up with DJI in creating the portable hard drive. The idea is not new as it was originally debuted at the CES 2017. The hard drive was designed for the average prosumer. Best of all, its now official.
  5. Stygmatah

    Optimal iPad storage size for the Inspire 1

    Hi everyone, I have searched high and low and I've found plenty of opinion on the best tablet/phone to be used with the Inspire 1 (iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 4/iPad Pro) but I can't seem to find anything on required storage size. I have just ordered a second hand Inspire 1 Pro which should be here in...
  6. C

    Safe storage temperature?

    Has anyone found high temperatures (100+ degrees F) to be detrimental to the aircraft, batteries, controller, etc? I've got a job lined up for the late afternoon, and don't feel like making the trip to and from the 9 to 5 job only to pick up the Inspire and head right back to where I came from...