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  1. K

    In-Store Battery Purchase

    I'm stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. I'd like to buy some additional batteries for my Inspire 1, as well as a multi charger. I cannot purchase online and have them shipped to my APO address. Where can I go locally to purchase batteries in-store? I've looked around online and have come up short.
  2. J

    DJI official store on ebay

    I ordered my X5 from dji.com directly and was slammed with $35 foreign transaction fee by my credit card. It was my ignorance really, I was under the impression that the fee would only be charged if a currency conversion needs to occur, but I was charged the fee because DJI is based in Hong...
  3. S

    Inspire 1 Accessories - get them while they are hot :)

    Hey! I have posted here before when I first created my Etsy store. I'm new on Etsy, and apparently I didn't setup a paypal account for payments. That's clever right? Now the store is all good, and a few new accessories coming real soon (today probably) The picture sucks, just took one...