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  1. E

    My inspire experience - so far

    I bought a new inspire 1 v2 pro from B&H photo just over a month ago. I received it 2 days after I purchased it, that night I attempted to update the firmware, but it failed (several attempts). The next day I talk to there support people, who can't get it to work and issue me a return. I package...
  2. U

    Your experience of DJI Support??

    Having recently had a big bill for a crash at low altitude and speed. After they had the Inspire 1 for several weeks I've seen conflicting information from across the world on which continent gets the best support. In Europe we seem to get royally SHAFTED by our Chinese friends. While in the US...
  3. MrDrone

    UK Support (DJI)

    Wanted to know your views on UK Support (Heliguy and DJI)? I am wondering if a US bought bird would be supported in the UK.. Worldwide warranty?