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tb47 battery error

  1. B

    Unable to setup new Inspire 1 PRO TB47 battery not charging

    I just purchased a Inspire 1 Black. First Inspire, several phantoms owner. Anyway, out of the box my TB47 battery had one LED furthest from the button blink. After putting the battery on the charger, the first LED blinks 3x and goes dark. I tried connecting the controller to the harness and it...
  2. Queen1944

    WARNING! Check battery records for "Broken Cell" error!

    Summary: I1 fault in app could allow I1 to fly with damaged cell and no warning causing rapid loss of flight time. Details: I bought my I1 June 15, 2015 and installed all the updates stopping short of the winter cold temp update in Dec 2015 because I didn't want to lose the speed. Last month...