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tb50 battery cycle

  1. D

    How many charges expected out of TB50 batteries?

    Hello all, I just have a general question about the TB50 batteries for the inspire 2. How many charges or cycles should you expect out of each battery? And is there a way to check the health of them as well? Thanks Dayton
  2. Dr Jon

    TB50 wont auto discharge anymore..

    When i got my I2 back in January i set the Batts to auto discharge after 2 days if i didn't use them. This worked fine and the battery would get "warm" to the touch. But a few weeks ago DJI enforced a firmware upgrade to the Batts and since then the auto discharge no longer works. I have checked...
  3. Enigma

    TB50 battery cycle

    Hey guys, I'm new to Inspire and possibly will be asking loads of questions, but hopefully at some point will be able to help some good people too. I see that for Inspire 1 (and Phantoms) batteries needs to fully discharged and charged every 20-30 cycles. On website DJI says it's not needed...