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the netherlands

  1. F

    Edited "Dutch Deltaworks"

    Did a short cinamatic movie around Neeltje Jans. What do you think of the final result?
  2. Dronedrecht

    The Tuut pumping station

    Looking forward towards your comments, tips and tools!
  3. Dronedrecht

    Lock and Dam complex Hagestein

    The lock and dam complex in the Lek Hagestein lies in Hagestein village in the municipality of Vianen , in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The complex is completed in 1958. The complex is similar to that in Driel , and that at Amerongen . With these three weirs joint can be arranged a large part...
  4. Dronedrecht

    Dutch windmills

    Uploaded a brand new video from the Netherlands: The Broekmolen in Streefkerk hollow post mill is open paddlewheel and was built in 1581 in the dewatering of the Department Short Pants Streefkerk polder . The mill was operating until 1951 . In 1957 , the Small Mill decommissioned , but the...