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  1. snipsey2


  2. J

    Thermal Roof Inspection: Necessity of Radiometric Camera Version?

    Anyone have any experience doing thermal roof inspections of large flat warehouse roofs for insurance purposes? Is the Radiometric version of the camera really that necessary providing temps per pixel, or for insurance purposes are they just looking for temp diffs of significant size on the...
  3. S

    WTB: Zenmuse XT

    Hi there guys! I need to vuy a new or used Zenmuse XT. It’s incredible but no one has immediate stock (DroneNerds, Multicopter Warehouse, Drone Plus, B&H, Adorama) and I need one for next week :( I’m looking for a 336 because of my budget. Can anyone help me? Anyone selling one? Anybody knows...
  4. C

    DJI XT IR Camera- $7k - Like New - 640, 30hz, radiometric

    My company is closing shop so I'm selling our used DJI XT Thermal Camera. This is the flagship model we purchased from Aerial Media Pros in January. We flew it maybe 5 times for training and promotional images and video. Comes with all original packaging and manuals. Like new condition. Link to...
  5. D

    DJI XT camera and mapping apps

    I am using the DJI XT infrared camera 640x512. Has anyone used this camera with pix4d, maps made easy, or drone deploy? Was wondering about signal strength, range, ect. From what I have found is that pix4d is the best, although not the easiest to use. It is also only compatible with the high...
  6. Jason Woodcock

    UK DJI XT Camera release date!

    Evening all from sunny UK !!! I have been emailing, scouring the internet for information about the potential release date for the XT Camera. I eventually got some info from DJI! Don't get too exited! see attachment If anyone has any further info this would be greatly appreciated! Fly Safe