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  1. W

    *****LIKE NEW- DJI CARE****Selling Inspire 1 V2 with camera and DJI CARE!!!!!!! *****LIKE NEW

    Hey, im looking to sell my inspire 1 v2 drone. I am looking for a smaller drone. It has everything that comes in the box. It has been flown less than 20 times. It has DJI CARE. It is suppose to expire around December 26,2018. I am interested in a smaller drone. Like a phantom 4 pro. I am asking...
  2. W

    Trade In Inspire 1 V2 For Phantom 4 Pro

    Hello, I am currently looking to trade my inspire 1 v2 for a phantom 4 pro. My inspire 1 v2 is in like new condition. Please get back to me if you have any questions.
  3. Tannerharvey

    Inspire 1 for phantom 4

    I'm looking to sell or trade a very low used inspire 1 v2.0 for a phantom 4. 11 months of paid Dji care included with full bundle. (2 remotes, 2 batteries, extra propellers, charging hub etc )
  4. FishTales

    Trade Brand New X5 with 15mm lens for Phantom 4 + Batts

    I have sold my Inspire but still have my X5 camera. It is brand new, never flown. I am going to be needing a drone for an upcoming trip to Africa and I want something small and light to take along. I will trade the X5 for a Phantom 4 system. I'd prefer a couple extra batteries, But can do...
  5. Erik Vogel

    Looking to trade Phantom 4 for Inspire

    I have a Phantom 4 with about 4.5 hours of usage time on it. Comes with 3 batteries. RC also has FPVLR boosted system installed on it and comes with 2 batteries. Looking for Inspire.