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used drone

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    Need some tips for buying a used Inspire 2

    Hey folks, brand new here. Needing some help as I'm looking a purchasing a used Inspire 2 setup. I found a really nice looking setup on DroneTrader.com | Buy and Sell Used, Salvage, and Refurbished Drones but just wondering what kind of questions I should be asking (other than the obvious ones...
  2. S

    FOR SALE: DJI Inspire 1 Kit - SOLD... Charger, X3 Camera, Controller, 3 Batteries, DJI Case

    I'm selling my professionally flowed DJI Inspire V1 Kit. Never crashed or hard landings and flies like new with no scratches. I purchased Inspire v2 Pro X5 and I don't fly this one any longer. It has upgraded quick release props plus a spare set. 3 TB-47 Batteries, X3 camera & case, charger...