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video feed

  1. M

    Firmware out of sync, No video transmition signal. Need Advice!!

    Hello! About a year ago I ran into issues upgrading firmware. After update and then further troubleshooting, the camera gave error “No Video Transmission Signal...” and screen is black (like I’ve seen others describe in this forum in the past). All other functions seem to work just fine...
  2. C

    *SOLD* Command Case Ground Station $390.00 *SOLD*

    Like new TITAN DRONES Command case. Used less than 6 times. Does not include iPad. I prefer to not be tethered to the antenna and use the smaller self contained Conquer and SWITCH setups. shipping to USA only. ask/message me with any questions etc 14 dBi quad patch linear vertical polarized...
  3. SOCAL 1

    Video Feed Problem

    When I am recording a screen video i get a lot of breaking up of the screen video. This does also happen when I am not recording the screen. I was wandering if any of you have had this and the solutition you found. I am flying an inspire 1.