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  1. zoltanh

    Inspire 1 Pro X5 - DJI stock lens 15mm

    Shot with only the 15mm stock lens. Just got the pancake 14mm-42mm. Gonna come up with a video soon. Shots are from around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  2. Felipe Z. Carboni

    Discussion about a post processing and video editing.

    Olá pessoal, gostaria de criar um espaço para os pilotos(as) brasileiros que tem interesse em aprender um pouco mais sobre pós-processamento e edição de vídeo com softwares mais avançados. Este tópico será focado em edição de vídeo com alguns dos principais do mercado: Adobe Premiere CC Pro(CS6)...
  3. B

    Drone Destination video series ~ Witness

    Hi there, I live in Beautiful Vancouver Canada and have decided to showcase my city through aerial cinematography. I am just starting out but here are the finished results, edited to music. :) All shot on an inspire 1 w/ Zenmuse x3 D-Log @ 1440p 24fps. I'm hoping to shoot and post one of these...
  4. L

    Beautiful Raw footage of South Louisiana X5

    Just blown away at the quality . I shot in 4k 30 fps and did very little post in adobe premier ENJOY
  5. R

    Need some great pics/vids for my new website

    Hello All I am in the process of starting a business to take Real Estate and other images. I'd like to showcase some of the great work we see on here. 1) I want to rotate my web page headers etc frequently with new images 2) On my site will be a Gallery of all footage supplied to me, and of...