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  1. B

    I2 Landing Accuracy?

    Should my I2 return home to the same position it launched from on my Orange H Pad every time? If: * Low / No Wind * VPS Calibrated * P-Mode * Stable lighting conditions (Sunny on ground) If currently lands about 1-2feet off center from take off position. Is this an acceptable variation...
  2. R

    New Firmware then Full IMU, Compass and VPS Calibration?

    So I was over on the DJI forums looking for answer regarding the new DLog curves (never got an answer) but while I was reading through it seemed like everybody was lementing the fact that they were having trouble figuring out how to calibrate the VPS as if it we a manditory process. The...
  3. Spheric

    Dunk into the ground during low-altitude flight

    OK, so I've gotten around to writing up my little horror story from last week so I can share my experience and get your thoughts on exactly what happened. Last wednesday, I went out to the Iskar lake to get some nice golden hour footage. As I do in low temperature conditions, I left the car...