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  1. ReesAerials

    Spokane, WA checking in

    Hello folks. My name is Robert Res and I own and operate Rees Aerials, LLC. We are an aerial media company in our fourth year of operation. I am a retired UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot that has flown the Bell 206 Jet Ranger/Long Ranger, the Robinson R22 / R44, the EuroCopter EC-145 and the Bell OH-58...
  2. J

    Short Aerial Reel: X5R

    Here is some of our stock production work from this summer. Thanks for taking a look, oh it sounds a lot better if you use headphones or speakers. Cheers, J
  3. J

    The great N.W.

    Here is a quick clip from our latest shoot for a resort in Washington from our X5R. This is in 1080 to save space on my Vimeo account. There has been no post work done, this is straight outa the can.