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  1. W

    iPad Pro WiFi or Cellular with Inspire 2

    I was planning on purchasing an iPad Pro 10.5" for use with my Inspire 2 for commercial purposes. My question is, should I purchase the cellular version or the WiFi version and tether to my iPhone X? Also storage wise, 64GB/256GB? TIA, Will
  2. John

    Warning - Command Timeout

    What causes this error and what is the fix? First time ran into this. Occurred after I pressed the Take Off icon on the Go app. Props would not spin up. Saw the live video feed from the camera on the iPad. Tried powering down aircraft (Inspire 1 w/Z3 camera), controller, clearing iPad cache...
  3. D

    iPad Pro cellular vs wifi only

    Hi all, What are the pros/cons of getting an iPad Pro with cellular vs wifi only? I hear that the cellular version has gps built in. If I get the cellular version, I don't plan on using a sim for it, might want it for the GPS chip. Regarding GPS and loading maps, Would using my iPhone 6 + as...