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    matrice100 crashed

    Hi, My Matrice 100 crashed today badly, and lost his Motor3 (broken). Apart from that, his gimbal's carbon rod broke into 2. Later, when I tested it Gimbal seems to be moving as per the instructions. I could see the sensor working. I want to fix that gimbal. Do you have any suggestions of how...
  2. C

    I2 X4S newbie - flying during windy days

    Hi guys I've a question concerning the behaviour of I2 while flying in windy days. I noticed when I2 reaches about 50/60 meters high, the horizon of FPV camera is very inclined towards wind direction: is that normal? Shouldn't I2 IMU compensate and try to keep the FPV camera as much as possible...
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    Cap Blanc-Nez Wissant France

    A week ago I went to France for a short vacation. Naturally, I took along my DJI Inspire pro I've heard from several people that this his movie is a little bit to long and got to many of the same environment Stil I 'm curious about your feedback/ tips tops etc i'm stil in a learning curve :-)