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x3 parts

  1. LuRoyale

    **CHEAP DJI X3 Camera $450 OBO

    We just replaced both of our inspires with X5 camera so thought I would offer these to you guys before we listed them on eBay. Use as an Inspire 1 or OSMO Replacement camera :) IMG_4993 by LuRoyale posted Mar 31, 2016 at 9:17 PM
  2. D

    2 broken X3 gimbal/cameras

    I have 2 non-operational X3 gimbals for sale. One has a gimbal that broke because of a crash: the cabling is broken. The second X3 apparently was sunk in water and the seller from whom I bought it didn't disclose that. So, I suppose it is possible to make a complete one out of the 2. Shoot me an...