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x5 calibration

  1. dronie

    Focus issues with video DLOG/CINE - out of focus. VIDEO

    Focus issues with your X5? I have calibrated my lens (Oly 12mm) over and over and checked focus is ok when shooting photos. But as soon as you shoot video in DLOG or CINE, something weird happens. Attached is a JPG (f/6.3) - close, but not the sharpest aperture but serves the purpose here -...
  2. J

    Greetings from south-central Georgia

    All- Can't come up with enough words to describe my delight in running across this forum. Last night, after beating my head on a brick wall for days over fuzzy X5 footage, I started searching for the issue, and shortly ran across this forum. What a sigh of relief to find so many solutions, as...