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x5r ssd

  1. L

    512gb ssd card (no reader) for X5r

    I’ve got it up for sale on eBay for $339 plus shipping. Brand new, haven’t used it. It was an extra and I never had a problem with the primary ssd card. (Have since sold the X5r camera and drone) DJI X5R SSD card, 512 GB, for X5R raw camera - (reader not included) | eBay
  2. B


    Location: Denver, Colorado (USA) Shipping: Willing to ship anywhere within the USA I have 2 "like new", used less than 5 times, 512 GB SSDs for the X5R and 1 SSD reader for importing media. Willing to sell all three items for $800 OBO, or each SSD for $449 OBO. (2) 512 GB SSD for X5R - Retail...
  3. Advexure

    FOR SALE: (2) Two Zenmuse X5R 512GB SSDs - $425/each

    We've got (2) two Zenmuse X5S 512GB SSDs that we are looking to sell. These were only ever used by our staff on a few productions. They are like new, box is included. Willing to let them go at $425 each. Shipped free within the US.