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yaw problems

  1. R

    How to make inspire 2 control like other quads

    *how can I make camera yaw with drone yaw?* Hey guys, I recently got my inspire 2. since I am a new single operator I am trying to figure out how to make the quad handle like a phantom 4 etc in which the quads yaw rotates the camera instead of using C1 or C2. I tried follow mode(?) but it...
  2. J

    Vertical speed slow?!

    When I first started flying my inspire it had a vertical speed of around 11-12 mph. I never noticed until today, but now it's only getting 6 to 7 mph. Anyone have any idea why? Also, when I take off full speed the aircraft doesn't seem to want to fly straight. This seems to be worse in...
  3. J

    X3 Yaw Servo Tough To Turn....Gimbal Overload Warning

    Anyone ever ran into a tough to turn X3 yaw on their gimbal?? Mine does not seem to be loose even at still state. It loosens up if you spin it back and forth manually for a few seconds but then stiffens back up again. It makes then video and photos very shaky and unusable while flying. Now I get...