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  1. J

    What are your Gimbal Settings on the Inspire 2?

    Lets learn from each other.... What are your settings for the (Advanced) Gimbal Settings? We like to make smooth videos and are looking for some tips for these settings. On DJI 4 Go App: go to: Gimbal Settings -> Advanced Settings Our settings are: Max Gimbal Pitch Speed (8) Gimbal Pitch...
  2. dronie

    Yaw camera (C1+LSW) stops working when landing gear goes up

    Hi, I'm testing my new I2 + X5S these dasy and observed a strange behaviour. To Yaw the camera, you now need to press and hold C1 + turn Left Scroll Wheel (LSW). That works fine when I test it on the ground, when motors are running and during hover. But as soon as I raise the landing gear I...
  3. A

    Matrice 100 Zenmuse X3 gimbal not working

    Hello there, I am new to DJI's products but I am not new to quadcopters. We recently bought a Matrice 100 copter with a Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera. I am able to connect everything up and I currently receive live camera footage on the DJI Pilot App on my tablet, but I am not able to get a...