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zenmuse x5 pro

  1. D

    Osmo Z-axis spring replacement for X5

    Anyone experimented replacing the spring in the Z-axis for X5 usage and if yes: where can I order it? Expected this issue to pop-up but didn't see anything about it yet. Removal of the standard spring worked but wasn't able to find a replacement one. Appreciate your help/thoughts! Tks Theo
  2. dopeytree

    X5 filters & lens hoods?

    Hey, Lately I've been using a variable ND filter on the 15mm lens - however I can't get the lens hood on with the filter on. Anyone got any workarounds? I guess I could buy a lens hood that screws into the filter maybe? or duct tape a lens hood? Just need something to avoid flare as the 15mm...
  3. Quarts

    Micro SD doesn't lock into place

    Hi, Yesterday i took out the Micro SD card to download the latest footage to my computer. When putting the memory card back into the camera (X5) it wouldn't lock into place but kept getting ejected. I can hear the clicking sound from the locking mechanism but it doesn't lock even if I use...
  4. A

    Wedding photo shoot with INSPIRE 1PRO

    Some nice pics up there: DJI Forum|Wedding photo shoot with INSPIRE 1PRO
  5. A

    Unboxing - Closer look at the DJI Inspire 1 Pro

    DJI Forum|Unboxing-Closer look at the DJI Inspire 1 Pro The new link updated above