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zenmuse z3

  1. R

    Z3 yaw movement

    I don't suppose anyone would have any thoughts on this? I have bought a z3 to run on the Inspire 1 and I'm struggling to get the camera to yaw using the sticks. You can control the Pitch and Roll, but the yaw has no affect. Likewise if I change the pitch/yaw on C2 the roller will change the...
  2. M

    Inspire 1 V1.0 with Zenmuse Z3 - Blurry/out of focus Video

    I just received a Z3 to replace my broken X3 camera. Fired it up only to find the live feed and captured video is blurry. Haven't flown yet. Only ground tests. I have tapped on the screen to select a point to focus on. The camera tries to focus but to no avail. No firmware has been undated...
  3. V

    Zenmuse Z3 like New

    Hi All, Having had a major clear-out of kit to suit my needs, I have our barely used Z3 for sale and looking for a good home. Bought New from DJI store, it flew about 4-5 times. Great camera, preferred it to the X5 as you can get nice cinematic shoots by pulling the foreground / background and...
  4. S

    Inspire 1's for sale plus extras

    Updated as one of the inspires sold so there is only one left and lots of extras! ________________________________________________________________________ Everything is in great condition and explained below. Costs are listed for each item or for everything together. If you contacted me...
  5. B

    WTB: Zenmuse Z3

    Looking for a used zenmuse z3 for my inspire 1.
  6. B

    For Sale - Zenmuse Z3 Camera

    Zenmuse Z3 Camera, works great, and in excellent condition. Asking $750 shipped to Continental US. Will Ship over seas, you pay shipping, handling, and insurance. Paypal accepted. Location: Ladys Island, SC 29907 Message me and I will send you my cell Number if you want and feel free to give...
  7. Advexure

    **SOLD** Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera - $800

    Hi all, We've got an open box Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera that is a new unit that came back from a gentleman a couple weeks ago after he figured out that it would not work on his Phantom 3 (yes, someone didn't do any research before ordering :eek:). The unit was taken out of the box by the...
  8. Aerial-Pixel

    Is the Zenmuse Z3 and the Osmo+ camera the same???

    I'm looking at buying the Z3 but the Osmo+ is $250 cheaper... Is it the same camera / gimbal other than the color? If not what are the differences and can the Osmo+ camera be used on the Inspire 1 V2?
  9. Phil-RCGeeks

    Any questions regarding the Z3 for our next blog post?

    Hi Guys, I'll be doing some tests and an in depth review of the Z3 on our blog soon so just though I'd ask if anyone had any questions or areas you'd like me to cover... Now is the time to ask!
  10. Scotflieger

    New Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera announced

    A new zoom camera announced for the I1, I1v2, Matrice 100 and 600. The Zenmuse Z3 gimbal and camera features an optical zoom lens. It provides a 3.5 optical zoom and 2x digital zoom. The Type 1/2.3 CMOS sensor supports 4K video recording and 12MP still photos. As with other DJI 3-axis gimbal...