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1st Inspire fireworks test

Thanks to all
Yes it was a quick fireworks show. It was -12 F below 0 yea thats way to cold!. The inspire battery worked great though,I landed with 40 % after a 10 min flight.
The cam was set at : 3840x2160-24p jpeg/mov file, aprox 600 iso , white balance at 3000k , landscape, +- at -.3 auto off.
This was my 1st try,fire works are hard to get right. It was hard to tell just how close to get. The snow and high wind gusts didnt seem to bother it much,the snow backed off at the end. With the correct settings for fireworks everything else looked black on the screen. I did shoot some the other night at our winter carnival closing fireworks (way bigger)that would have been epic (at -14 below 0)but as I was landing I realized that I had not started the video......grrrrrr. Well now I am so friken mad at my mistake! but I promise that will never happen again. Thanks
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O yes and it is raw footage, no changes at all just a quick sloppy edit and whatever felt close for music. I just wanted to share with Inspire owners or fans.There are some awesome Phantom videos of fireworks out there but none from the Inspire.Thanks
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