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2015 great race highlight reel

Apr 10, 2015
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this was a 10 day timed rally style race from st. Louis to Santa Monica. I shot everything from the air with the inspire 1 and the production team incorporated it into what they filmed from the ground. they liked it so much they did a 2 minute montage of just my footage. eventually they will put it all into a 1 hour dvd that will go up for sale that documents the race start to finish in a few months.

every city and town we stopped at where most people have never seen a quad copter (drone) in person before was really positive in their opinion of the inspire 1. even people who heard all the bad publicity on the news still thought it was the coolest thing ever. they weren't to thrilled on the price but it didn't stop everyone from taking pictures of it flying over head and waving at it. it almost over shadowed the cars attention in some places. the police, fire department and all the officials i dealt with all had nothing but positive and encouraging things to say about taking video from the air, hopefully things will stay this way and even improve.
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4 was enough because we had inverters in the car. i think i'll pick up 2 more sometime in the future so it's less of a scramble to get stuff charging
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