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4K Video Converter

To convert what to what?

No conversions here, always good to avoid them to preserve quality. Editing software should take the 4K natively.
Not sure I understand? I'm an Adobe Creative Cloud guy and I import Inspire video into Premiere, edit and export to multiple formats and resolutions via built in export tools.

Should be a need to convert video to another format per se.
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There are few third-party programs on the market that supports 4K video converting. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is arguably your ideal 4K Video Converter application. It enables you to convert 4K to supportable MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc and other file formats with perfect quality and less bandwidth on multiple HD devices.
Would anyone be able to recommend a good software program for converting Inspire video? I've looked at a few and was thinking about Pavtube. Anyone have experience using this software?....or recommend another one? Thanks.
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I presume you need a converting program which is capable of recognize 4K video. Maybe you can check this post about converting 4K to other resolutions. Maybe this tutorial is helpful to you.
Okay fellas which one do you use and recommend.

So far Acrok Video Converter Ultimate seems to be on the top of the list.

Currently I am running Aimersoft, which is awesome but current doesn't support 4K.
There are many programs that supports to handle 4K video conversion such as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, 4K TV Converter, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate, BlackMagic 4K Video Converter, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, etc.
I really appreciate your post.I have been searching for youtube to mp3 comverter tool.I could not understand that which tool will be best for my system.If anyone has any suggestion then suggest to me.
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I don't know what you're converting but AVIDemux can repackage into a different file without re-encoding so the video itself stays the same. Also you can cut and join video clips without quality loss. That's how I do my editing, unless I really need to change the color or level the horizon. LosslessCut can also cut and join clips but doesn't repackage (AFAIK)

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