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64 GB SD Card Run Time

Feb 1, 2015
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My 64 GB SD card after FW Update is now only recording 15 mins Video before sd card is full.

I thought I got mixed up and left the 16 GB SD card that came with the inspire in after using it for the update.

But no I had not made a mistake and my 64GB Card is only recording 15 mins. Any Ideas?

Have made sure there are no files on there other than the folders Media,Android etc. Tried deleting everything and leaving the sd card totally blank but a/c will not power up if i don't leave these folders on it!!
Have you tried formatting it from the app and then checking its size on a PC?

If the size says 64GB and your still only getting 15mins, then it must be the video format? Checking the app settings for recording have not been effected by the app/firmware update?

Mine worked as normal after update, but I'm using the iOS app.
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Just to my post-Not sure if I should add it to the bugs thread-

Im on android and the time on my sd card showing along the bar that shows iso,shutter speed etc is showing 15mins however I started recording and its not decreasing and I am well past that now!!!24 mins and counting.
Tablet is Nvidia Shield anyone else found this.

Thanks ZENUAV for prompt response I did this but could not work out why. Had to have a few sips of beer and think things through" Is it the app?" Hmm lets see,press record wait and voila.

Love the Inspire but hate the niggles with fw,app etc. Thank god for this forum as a sounding board for any issues. Thats one of the reason guys on here chime in no matter how trivial a problem "the other guy" is having. Love it .

Now for some good weather........

ps- when will the app etc etc be bug free? Hmm I have two balls but neither is crystal I hear you say. Shame, shame DJI.

Inspire is excellent but the whole "experience"(hate that word describing a professional set up including but not limited to-customer services,parts,operability etc) could have been and should have been truly second to none...............

If DJI do not sort it out their competitors will-remember the Blackberry?
Have you tried any other cards?
Heli guy-no I havent tried any other cards. Thats a fair point though.Will do and see if problem persists.
To recap-card runs for full duration however app doesnt count down minutes used/time remaining.
It worked perfect before fw/app updates

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