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A visit to the Wind Farm..

Those blades are certainly enormous. I must have a plant near me or something because I do not see turbines anywhere but I see the blades being driven down a highway near me all of the time. The size is crazy.
Awesome! As for huge, that's an understatement.. I've watched them be built roughly @15mls north of me, and when they were installing the props they were standing inside the prop holder[emoji15]lol...
Also, its very hard to judge your distance to them. While looking at the screen, I thought I was really close, but VLOS looked way different.
If I was that dude, you'd see me shitting my pants! LOL

Indeed! It's like standing on an RV 285ft in the air. The first time I stood on top of one it took 30mins to get off all fours, lol.

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