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Actual range?

Jun 19, 2015
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I should have my inspire by Friday which I am super excited about!
My question is, what is the actual range you are getting? I've seen a few videos on YouTube that are going 17000 feet but that's over water, or nothing but grass. I live in a small town, and I'm wondering how the range is if you are around a town or city and have small amounts of interference?
Not saying I am flying in a irresponsible manor or around a residential area.
Best I have gotten stock and line of sight is... ;)
About 5000ft at 400ft altitude...
About 3000ft at 200ft up...
This is over wide open Midwest corn fields...

If you video feed flickers... your on thin ice... :eek:
I had to use RTH once to get it back, in fact... :oops:

I have a DBSmod.com antenna on order to "work on improving that"... :cool:
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Stock, I get anywhere from 600ft to 3500ft. I've taken it to about 3500ft in more rural areas, I live in the suburbs of Seattle. So it's not bad. When I'm flying in Seattle depending on where I am I could get 600 or 700ft up to about 1500ft...I don't fly too far in the city, I like to see my aircraft at all times
DJI states 4000m so that would be 2,5 miles at VLOS. Knowing that DJI normally is quite conservative about distances, I believe that. My Phantoms easily went to 2000+ meters, when I still flew like the ignorant hobbyist I once was........DJI states 1000 meters for the P2.

After passing RPAS ground school I feel like a former idiot. Will never do that again, unless in the desert or something similar, and even then, never with anything over 2 pounds.

1500 feet is the legal distance for me and 400 feet high. Can't imagine why I would need to go further any time soon. Maybe higher, but only with a formal exemption, NOTAM, proper flight preparation, the works.

Be aware of the risks when a 8 pound lawnmower comes crashing down far beyond YOUR line of site.

This is the end of innocence. For me anyhow, do what you want, I just want to give sound advice to whoever picks it up.
my max distance is ~3500 mts with stock I1 and my video feed was perfect, i think the main problem/limitation is the battery, couse i did more than 7.00kms in a single flight with a 5700 mAh at full speed and with good wind speed

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