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Aftermarket antennas?

Oct 19, 2014
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Now that some people have received their Inspire 1's, does it seem possible to replace either the controller or the aircraft antennas? I've had a P2 with Lightbridge for several months now, and both sides of the system are easily replaceable. 3rd party antennas make a huge difference to the range of the aircraft, at least doubling its range. This helps not only in flying further from the take-off point, but also in wooded areas and hilly terrain. Thx!
Given the amount of issues people are having these new birds, my guess is that the last thing anyone is thinking about is after market parts. My two cents
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Someone who already intend to modify its inspire1. Madness if you ask me. What often happens is that unexpected errors occur because people engaged switch these drones themselves. Just nonsense, keep it so you have the
I was just wondering how the Inspire 1 can fly 1.5km with omidirectional antenna. Why they haven't put helical or clover leaf antenna on it ?
The bird is beautiful....... except after 1.5 klicks & over the westgate freeway..... loose video.... loose control...... luckily GPS was well locked on.... I guided it from the direction it's nose was pointing towards me & to greater reception...... so eventually after a sign of relief "phew" she come back alive & kicking :) which is a lot more then I can say for some Phantoms I've owned in the past.......

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