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Airline travel with TB55 batteries

Mar 12, 2019
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I commented on a recent thread about DJI's decision to only support TB55 batteries on the new Matrice 200 series v2.
Has anyone had any experience traveling via airlines in the continental US with multiple sets of TB55 batteries? From all the research I've done, it sounds like one would be limited with the amount of TB55 batteries they can take, due to TSA restrictions on higher Watt hour batteries.
Long story short, my company was considering a Matrice 210 RTK v2 for drone mapping, inspection (visual and thermal), and aerial LiDAR. We do a lot of work that requires traveling by air throughout the country. If carrying multiple sets of TB55 batteries on airlines proves to be difficult, or even impossible, we may have to reconsider going to the Phantom 4 RTK (using third-party PPK setup) for mapping and visual inspection only for the time being, as it would be much easier to travel with on commercial airlines.
I know we could possibly find a v1 version and use TB50 batteries, but we wanted the new geotagging capabilities of the v2 210 RTK.
I'm also somewhat hesitant about my company buying into a Phantom 4 RTK, as it seems the prosumer Phantom 4 Pro is at or near end of life, unless DJI plans to extend the life specifically for the RTK version (which we all know DJI support won't/can't confirm).

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