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An open letter to dji

Apr 27, 2015
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Dear dji

I am a very satisfied customer. I own an Inspire 1, I cut my drone teeth on the Phantom 2 Vision+, and both are incredible machines. The technology packed into these craft is simply astounding. (I’m old enough to still be delighted about, and in awe of how our world has changed in the past twenty years.)

In other words, this is not a letter of complaint. What I’m going for here, is to … er … inspire.

You see, we are filmmakers. Thanks to the digital revolution — in cameras, sound, editing, special effects, colour grading, the list goes on — our little company called Karoo Films has been able to make feature movies in South Africa, and even eke out a small profit over the past two years.

Please bear with me, because I need you to understand the world of independent moviemakers. For us, it is all about production value. We are competing against huge studio movies, massive budgets, and an audience extremely well versed in the difference between a hack film, and a slick Hollywood production.

Technology enables us to narrow the gap just a little. And that’s where you guys come in.

The Inspire 1 is many things to many people. For us, it is a tool, a camera platform that can give us, for instance, aerial shots at a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter and pilot for an hour or two. (And, we have a sneaking suspicion there are many more like us, professional or semi-professional videographers, photographers and rebel filmmakers, who own or aspire to own a drone for the same reason.)

Getting the shot as quickly, efficiently, beautifully and professionally as possible, makes a big difference in our world. Frankly, it is the only thing that matters. The Inspire can be a chopper, a dolly, a crane, a slider … and save a lot of time and hassle in the process.

What would help us greatly, is an app that enables all this in a more efficient, user-friendly way.
(I know, I know, we should really just learn to fly the thing properly. Problem is, that takes time. And time is money).

3D Robotics’ Solo promises to offer a cable cam and orbit function, exactly the kind of stuff we’re looking for. But we don’t want a Solo. We want our dji Inspire to do this. Because we love it, we think it is the coolest drone ever, and it has the incredible integration of Lightbridge and that wonderful camera.

So, how about it? One functionality at a time, of course, we understand that you are busy people. Please.

With best wishes

Deon Meyer
they sill answer you, "when SDK be realeased you will have all of that and more" but from 3rd party providers and surely for another amount of money

you just cant compare DJI and 3DR, i think the have different mentality
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Can anybody help an Ol fart change his camera from 4K to 1080?? And is there anybody in the Syracuse , NY area flying the Inspire 1? Sure would like to talk to someone >
Can anybody help an Ol fart change his camera from 4K to 1080?? And is there anybody in the Syracuse , NY area flying the Inspire 1? Sure would like to talk to someone >
Interesting place to post that request...try Help!

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