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Android 5.0+

Jul 23, 2014
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Anyone have experience running the Inspire with Android 5 Lollipop? Just wondering before I updated my tablet... Thanks!


I'm running Android L on my NVIDIA Shield tablet. App is version 1.0.2. It has a few bugs, but I have no indication others are not seeing them, except maybe for the "Overall Status" screen, which is always empty for me. I haven't seen anyone else report that one.

IMU calibration controls were quirky with previous versions, but with 1.0.2, they seem to trigger the calibration properly.
Sorry if this is off-topic but...

Ben - what tablet do you have?

Ben and Cacou - could you provide some feedback on how well the device you have works (particularly if there are any latency, frame rate or choppiness issues)? And if you have the time, a photo of what the device looks like when positioned in the controller would be awesome!
The Shield tablet has a fast quad-core processor with high-end mobile graphics; I see no lag or sluggishness. The other nice thing with it is that it plays the 4K content natively with smooth frame rates. I just take the microSD card from the Inspire's camera and insert it into the tablet.
Cacou - Having read your account above I am going to buy a Shield 32Gb LTE tonight from Amazon. I notice that it has 'screen record' - does that work well with no time limitation? Can it also record from rear camera so you could grab footage off screen and also footage of the surrounding area when the Inspire is taking off?
You can have it continuously record the last X minutes of your desktop, or you can initiate manual recordings at will. It is actually a pretty cool feature to use along with the Pilot App, come to think of it.
Mohan, please make sure to do your own research though - I don't want to be responsible for any dissatisfaction with the tablet. I for one love it.
Oh, and this just applies to capturing your desktop. For rear camera recording, you would use any of the built-in or 3rd party camera apps.
I'm using a Nexus 7 Version 2, which is on the 'approved' list :) Works very well and is very light and a nice size. I'm sticking with Android 4.4.4 for the moment. Don't really see a need to upgrade to 5 as this is a dedicated tablet for the heli.



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