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Android Tablets

Jan 6, 2015
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I have waited long enough for the official IOS app release and have given up for the time being.. I am going to buy an Android tablet to hold me off..

Can anyone tell me what the best performing tablet that fits in the Holder is? Only post if you are currently using it.. Thanks.
I Was using a iPad mini 2 and when they pulled the app I figured I would go try a android and went and got a Samsung galaxy tab S 8.4 The only hard part was getting used to navigating an android since all I've ever had was Apple products
Nvidia Sheild seems to be the one to get. Best graphics, which is what we really need. Not sure how bright it is yet though.
I got the shield. Very smooth. I hate android so I'm sure I'll switch to iPad air 2 if the app ever gets approved with the promised features.
I have it working now... I used ifunbox and was able to download the DJI Pilot-0.9.1-full..

on a side note.. I have updated the firmware on the inspire and controller to the latest versions..is it "safe" to fly with the .9.1 ipad app? if so I am returning the shield I bought today.. either that or giving it to my kid.
Another vote for the Nexus 7 (2013 version, of course). It's cheap, and very speedy. The extra bonus with getting that particular tablet is that because it's an officially branded "Google" model, you get the most current version of Android (5.0.2). Only a couple other devices get that kind of treatment, and I don't believe either of them are on the approved list for the Inspire 1.
I have a similar set up with you flying with the iPad Air 2 on the 'bootleg' Pilot App. It seems to be working just fine, though I worry that I may be missing some functionality...

Anyone that can point out glaring differences between the official android version versus the iOS beta version?
If they don't get things sorted with Apple this week, I guess I'll have to grab an android tablet as part of my growing 'kit' for the Inspire. Seems to be a plethora of opinions...any advantage to the Super Amoled screens of the Galaxy tablets? Or because it's only receiving 720p, does it really matter?
Hi I'm new to this<br />Can anyone tell me if the flight simulator is in the android app? <br />I have seen videos of it in the apple app that has been withdrawn <br />Can't find it in the android app where the video and manuals are<br />Or am I doing something wrong?<br/>

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