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android v 1.06app differences?

Aug 12, 2014
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GUerneville Ca.
I installed the new app on both of my tabs and it seems that the video signal drop issue MAY be resolved. I did Three flights and in the past at least the camera controller transmitter tab would drop signal.

In my case I now have had an imu error come up and it seemed to fly ok. I landed it and did the imu calibration. I had checked ok prior to flight as did the compass. I did two more flights and the last one I was low to the ground and practicing flying around an object near then ground I was using
Yaw to rotate and slight forward stick to keep it moving. I am not clear how but it ended up going straight into a tree and now due to the props being tangled in branches in have no lights or motors on the rt. Arm motors.
Doubt it was my fault as it has flown away more than once before.
I downloaded the flight logs but can't get anyone on the phone.
If anyone sees differences( for better or worse) please post them here.
I've spent hours on the phone with dji customer service, and only spoke to someone named mark once. Yesterday I waited 35 minutes just to be dropped due to heavy call volume. I have to admit it's incredibly frustrating after dropping some serious coin. Sorry to hear about the wreck however I haven't had any issues with "fly away" yet. Then again I fly a lot in A mode.

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