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Antenna Noise

Jul 4, 2015
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I've had some disconnects recently after the update but they weren't really bothering me too much. The weather was lousy yesterday so I thought I would set up the ipad I just got exclusively for the inspire. I tried the simulator and noticed that I was getting disconnects while the bird was next to me. I folded up the antenna to put it away and heard a slight crunchy noise in the right antenna only. It's slight, but it is crunchy, like a bearing starting to go bad. I can't imagine anything in there that would make that noise other than a broken wire. I was gonna pop it apart to take a peek, but I really don't want to void any warranty. Any thoughts? Am I overly paranoid?
Worrying that it disconnected when it was right next to you. Maybe someone else will chime in but I would be as concerned as you are it seems. Depending on where you bought it from, do you deal with them a lot and would it be worth asking them what to do also?
I have to agree with the above post in that I would be worried if it is disconnecting often within feet of the RC. Contact your supplier and see if they can get you a new antenna. Unfortunately, most people are being forced to send stuff in even when it is a small part repair so it may mean sending in your whole RC.
Yeah I've only had her about 5-6 weeks, my dealer is across the country. They told me to send it in.

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