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Any Inspire Pilots from Hungary?

Feb 17, 2015
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the reason I am asking is because I was in my shop today and wanted to get some batteries 5700mhA- ones and they said they have to cartons full of them each of 24 pcs and they are all sold... I was one of the few first to get one into my hand in the beginning of Feb within this small country and also falsely thought that the I1 was an enough expensive tool to have not to much of us lurging around for jobs. I was wrong. Now as I asked really out of curiosity if they would have a statistic or something similar or could maybe tell me how many have been sold in this country. The answer was NO they can´t because it´s a secret from where I could calculate turnover for this specific unit which I really don´t care about since I know they make a **** load... anyways, people here in this industry or however one may call it are not so friendly as you guys all around the world and help out one another but rather arrogantly (that was my experience until today) show you that you should not ask them questions or anything regarding their work as they fear of losing it or I do not know what.
I am a friendly guy, always trying to help out and if I am not offended I won´t attack or offend either. I don´t understand why these guys here have to be so enemy like???

at this point I am asking anyone that lives in Hungary and has an Inspire 1 to contact me in friendly purpose as I am NOT trying to take away anybodies work or client I am willing to partner up and work for and with another not being competition but rather healthy competition also being able to work with the other party.

if anyone knows where one can get a statistic (just about) on how many units got sold in specific countries that would be really great to know out of the factor of curiosity from my part.

any Hungarian I1 Pilot is very welcome and I would be happy to get to know some others in my country with the same passion.

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I'd like to see some movies of your country! Met several Romanians while in Germany over Christmas.
one competitor got a job from ozone network here in hungary for "hungary out of the birds view" series... they had an octocopter though... when that was shot last year, inspire 1 was probably in testing phase 0.1 LOL...

I will see to it and put some vids up. I did some practice shooting on a sports air strip and on a golf range course.

where are you from Daniel? (if I may ask)
I'd like to see some movies of your country! Met several Romanians while in Germany over Christmas.

really old thread LOL... In the meantime though I did manage to get some orders and work and also was able to put together a bit long showreel :) 3 min something... try to not fall asleep :D

it is a compilation of my work in 2015 with a bit of everything...
from an area of a fish producer and seller which is the biggest in the country, to adventure park, over village days and kids day to tracking myself in my jeep on an open space area :) enjoy.

Hi Phatzo
I am a Hungarian from Slovakia, Komarno-Komarom, feel free to contact me,

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